Importance of Electrical Testing and Inspection.

Importance of Electrical Testing and Inspection.

The importance of electrical testing and inspection Electrical testing and reporting is very important to ensure the safe and continued use of your electrical installation .

Unfortunately this is something much neglected in the domestic setting as people always take the view of “well it works” This may be true that it works but time goes by and accessories wear out and parts of the installation maybe affected by other works carried out in your home. Every few years the standards we have to comply with change and there are new safety features bought in to help keep our installations safer.

Installations used to not be tested and people used to do poor DIY work . For the reasons listed above its important to keep on top of your electrical installation much as you would with your gas boiler .

Regular electrical inspection condition reports will highlight any defects within your installation and not only keep you safer but will reduce the likelihood of a big when you need a large amount of work doing all at once .

You will likely find if you wish to sell your home you will now need a electrical installation condition report. This will also be a requirement if you are renting out your properties as a landlord commonly domestic installations are inspected every 5 years or change of tenant . Maximum period of time is recommended to be 10 years.